Some Others

by The Aeons

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released November 27, 2015

Rene Cortez - Guitar
Alan Drut - Bass
Alonso Figueroa - Drums
David Hernandez - Guitar
Josh Rossi - Vocals

Written by Josh Rossi
Arrangements and additional composition by The Aeons
Recorded live at Lolipop Records.
Mixed by Wyatt Blair + The Aeons
Mastered by Josh Rossi



all rights reserved


The Aeons Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Blindside
(setting: Bar One, 91607. Around 11:15pm, 3 drinks in).

At the age of seventeen
I felt what love could be.
From the eyes of a young girl,
and the Way they looked at me.

But we grew
and grew away.
I never got to say,

I'd love you
if I could
I'd love you, if I could
I love you
if I could.
You just hit me from a blindside
you just hit me from a blindside,
you just hit me,
blind, blind, blind.'
I met a girl of twenty-four
who'd never been in love before.
Surprises were in store,
when we began to court,
shared some pleasure.

Her heart broke open,
and I was so uncertain.
Now in ten years
I'll be wandering
some foreign street
after midnight.
And arm in arm
with her husband,
and shorter hair,
and wiser eyes--
I'll pass by
like a ghost in the night,
she won't know if it's me
or a look alike.

I'll just hit her from a blindside.
I'll just hit her from a blindside,
'I'd love you
if I only could
yes I'd love you
if I only could.
and if I had some sight
I think I would..
If I'd had some sight,
had some sight...
I know I would...'
Now I never see what's coming.
I never see what's coming.
No I never saw what was coming...
Track Name: There Is That
(setting: Bar One, 91607. Around 11pm, 2 and a half drinks in).

I'm getting tired
That was the last time I try
I tried
No, I couldn't find a single date tonight.
"but that girl you like?"
She's hot and cold
Says yes when she means no
I know all the games
And I'm not playing a single one today
No Way

Then the guy on the stool right next to me, he says, 'Bro what's got you down?'

Shit, I was just drinking,
I was just thinking
'Casey has talent, wants to direct films, but he got caught making money and bills,' (guy turns)
hey wait, there's more.
Ben wants to counsel the mentally ill, but after work he likes liquor, pills and--
There is that,
there is that...

"But that girl you met last weekend?"
I know just how, why and when we'd break
Would she think it a mistake,
if I just want to have fun?
...and get some...
Why did Audrey say yes when she meant no?
Why do I want girls who always--
why's are slippery slopes.

I should think before I speak,
sometimes I drink before I think

"Hey what were you saying, I was just playing" (guy)
'Language has limits everything's pointless
Words are distinctions everything's made up
So 'This' is 'That'
Where are you going?
I want to smoke then,
I've got to tell her (Blindside)
I should've loved you
So there is that
There is that,
dere is dat,
Track Name: Find Another Way
(setting: Bar One, 91607. Around midnight, 3 and a half drinks in).

Stay up late,
searching for
one quick fix
kicks and ditzes.

--that night I went to the party
and no one Spoke to me
I left it quite early
and nobody phoned me
I slept feeling lonely
and woke in a hurry
he saw we were talking
I dreamt of us fucking--

"That which stays
gets amplified in your brain,
when you close out too late,
when you give up to Fate."

Then I let
my happiness,
depend on things
outside myself
on someone else,
Desire leads
while people bl(r)eed
This country runs
first on "me"
then on greed,
with new forms of subtlety
thanks to technology
we stay in touch
in irony

--when drunk, sometimes sober
my thoughts are left-over(s)
i think of an old love,
imagined sweetheart
want to tell her i love her
i'm hers forever--
Well I almost phone her
--just wait til you're sober--
Just wait til yoursoberwaititilyoursober

They don't separate
corporations from state
it is de-liberate
I'll find us another way